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Short and fast typing drills

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Do you have good accuracy but need to type faster?  Try this!


Open Word and make the window smaller, but big enough for you to type one sentence.  Set the timer and type these short drills as fast as you can. Don't backspace or try to correct errors. These drills will help your speed but not your accuracy.  For example, if you type the first sentence in 10 seconds, you have typed at 48 wpm. Try it.


These drills are good for your team work. Use the stopwatch below to time yourself to know your typing speed. Type each one two or three times - your speed should increase.



No  Seconds  10  15  20 
  WPM  48  32  24 
We mailed our last payment to you today.       
Thank you for your interest in our plan.       
She can provide references upon request.       
Leave the completed report on your desk.       
It will take two weeks for this project.       
We were expecting your call before noon.       
7 The terms of the contract are very fair.      
8 Send copies of the memo to the sections.      
9 Allow at least three weeks for delivery.      
10 I draw attention to the new ruling.      
11 Please note these riders to your policy.      
12 This new service will begin next spring.      
13 Please send all your documents quickly.      
14 Your enquiry was passed to my secretary.      
15 That new system has just been installed.      
16 Change your station to fit you correctly.      
17 We must not confuse process and product.      
18 Your letters are all ready to be signed.      
19 Your order has been filled and sent out.      
20 Please initial and return this memo now.      



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