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Correct Posture

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Look at your wrists when you type. Are you resting your wrists and arms on the desk or laptop? This is not a good way to type. Keep your wrists and arms UP, just a little. This will help your fingers reach the top row of letters of the keyboard.



Watch the person sitting next to you. Tell her if her wrists are right or wrong.


How you sit at the keyboard is very important. If you sit correctly, you will be able to type faster and with more accuracy. How much do you know about the correct posture? Do the task below to find out.



Is this person sitting correctly at the keyboard? Use the questionnaire below to add an 'x' in the column Yes or No about her posture. Copy the questionnaire and paste it into your page before you answer the questions.


Bonus: write you own question in the blank row.


Hint: remember to click on Edit when you want to copy the  questionnaire and paste it in your own page.






Is the lady in the picture sitting correctly for keyboarding? Yes No




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